1974 The Far Eastern Economic Review

July 1, 1974. Not long after Mao met Nixon in 1972, I joined something called the “Edgar Snow Society,” in the hopes that identification with the communist China sympathizer and author of “Red Star Over China” might somehow land me a visa for the People’s Republic.  The ploy failed.   I had to wait to visit China.  In 1974, I found myself writing about China from the frustrating distance of Washington D.C. for the Far Eastern Economic Review

Meeting Deng

January 1979. What I remember most about meeting Deng Xiaoping in January 1979 at the Great Hall of the People was NOT the lengthy session during which the new relationship with the United States was hailed and warnings of the dangers of “Soviet Hegemony” voiced.   Rather it was the spittoon that was placed strategically and yet discreetly next to the “paramount leader’s” chair.

A Texas Rodeo

February 1979. It was very much like an American Presidential state visit.   For the first time a press plane packed with reporters followed a Chinese leader across America, chronicling his every move: from a White House cabinet meeting to a Texas rodeo.

Tian An Men

June 1989. [0200 4/6]  I assigned myself to the hospitals that night. I wanted to measure the true extent of the massacre.  How many dead?  How many wounded?  Later I met an emotional factory worker from Dalian who said he saw many die needlessly.  He spoke too much and paid a terrible price for his words. But first.... the scene at the Beijing Children's Hospital was chaotic.