Focus Asia Productions Ltd

Focus Asia Productions Ltd provides television consulting and production services in Asia and beyond.    For more than ten years the FAPltd team has provided services to Indian, Chinese, Qatari, British and American television channels in training, recruitment, programming, management, market positioning, and corporate relations. 

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What we do

Jim Laurie and his associates offer your media aware company, video production, television or online operation a range of services:

Market Strategy

TV Program development

Management training

            (We have overhauled newsroom work flow, advised on recruiting, and assisted in news coverage restructuring)

Anchor and on air reporter training

           (We have coached major Television anchors including those at CNNI, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Al Jazeera.)

Media training in dealing with news, TV and online organizations

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Since December 2011, FAPltd has been providing consulting servies to the American operations of China Central Television.   In January 2017, the channel was rebranded as part of the China Global Television Networn of which CGTN America in Washington DC is a part.

The Washington operation expects continued expansion in 2017.  Since 2011, when we first started consulting on the launch of the broadcast center, it has grown from about 50 people to more than 200.  The next expansion is expected in March 2017.

FAPLtd and Jim Laurie advise on recruiting, program development, global market strategy, and training.  In November 2016, we began developing a new documentary film series.   The strand launched January 1st.   See what's NEW for more.

FAPLtd also assists in the broadcast of selected proramming on American Public Broadcast channels through NETA in Columbia, South Carolina.   TV shows like Americas Now, FULL FRAME, Assignment Asia have found homes on channels including KCET Los Angeles, KQED San Francisco, Rocky Mountain PTV Denver, Georgia Public Television, Orlando, Miami, Tampa and Oregon Public TV.   


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Earlier work:

In 2008-2009, we provided services to Al Jazeera English news in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.   Management of Asian operations, personnel issues, talent development, future bureau and coverage strategy, and network relationship building in India and China.

In autumn 2011, we began advising on the development of Chinese television English language news presence in the United States.  In Beijing, in 2009-2010, we focused on talent development for a new CCTV News channel which was 'launched' in April 2010. 

Prior to 2008, Focus Asia Productions Ltd worked extensively in India.   The team was retained by Aaj Tak and the channels of the 'India Today' group in Delhi India (2006-7) and 'Times Now' Mumbai (2005).                                                 

Training and coaching servies were provided to CNBC Singapore (2005).  Bloomberg TV Hong Kong (2006-2011), and CNNI Hong Kong (2010-2011).  TV anchors who have worked with Jim Laurie and his coaching sessions include: Kristie Lu-Stout (CNN),  Betty Liu (Bloomberg), and  Deirdre Wang Morris  (CNBC)

Associates of Focus Asia who have particpated in our 'coaching and training' programs include Ken Einhorn (CBS News), Chris Dobson (RTHK),  Jim Gaffey (former Fox News and Discovery Channel), and Rob McBride (freelance Hong Kong based Video Journalist.)    In 2012 Director Ken Einhorn provided Xinhua's CNC operations in Beijing, week long comprehension director training in Beijing.  Einhorn had previously advised STAR News in Mumbai on organizing their operations and technical directors team.


Focus Asia Productions Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in January 2005

Since its founding, Focus Asia has produced a range of television programming and documentary films.

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In January 2011, BBC WORLD NEWS broadcast 'Cambodia Surgical Ward', a Focus Asia Production, filmed and directed by Rob McBride, written and produced by Jim Laurie.   The film edited in a longer form entitled 'Cambodia O.R', seeks distribution in the United States.   Interested parties should contact Focus Asia Productions Ltd at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In 2007,  Focus Asia Productions produced a multi part environmental series.   See Earth Factor Asia.    The series culminated in a one hour documentary - 'Making a Difference'  which was aired on various channels including KQED San Francisco in early 2011.  

Focus Asia also worked with the University of Hong Kong's Journalism and Media Studies Center to produce multiple programs under the name 'Focus Asia Business Leaders' beginning in 2006.